2. Great is the Lord, most worthy of praise in the city of God, his holy mountain.

3. Beautifully elevated, it is the joy of all the earth - Mount Zion, heavenly mountain, the city of the great King.

4. Here within her lines of defense, God has shown himself to be a sure fortress.

5. The kings assembled together, advanced toward the city.

6. But as soon as they saw it, they were astounded; they panicked and took to flight.

7. Seized with fear, they trembled, like a woman in travail,

8. or like the ships of Tarshish, shattered by a strong wind from the east.

9. As we have heard, so have we seen, in the city of the Lord of hosts, in the city of our God, the city God founded forever.

10. Let us recall your unfailing love, O God, inside your temple.

11. Let your praise as does your name, O God, reach to the ends of the earth. Your right hand is ever victorious.

12. Let Mount Zion rejoice, let the villages of Judah be glad, for your justice prevails.

13. Walk around Zion, count her towers,

14. consider her ramparts, examine her castles, that you may tell the next generation

15. that such is God; God is our guide forever.

“Dirás tu o mais belo dos credos quando houver noite em redor de ti, na hora do sacrifício, na dor, no supremo esforço duma vontade inquebrantável para o bem. Este credo é como um relâmpago que rasga a escuridão de teu espírito e no seu brilho te eleva a Deus”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina