1. Woe to you, O ravager who never have been ravaged, you O treacherous one who have not been betrayed! When your ravaging is over, you yourself will be ravaged; when your treacherous deals are ended, you yourself will be betrayed.

2. O Yahweh, have mercy on us who put all our hope in you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation when trouble comes.

3. Peoples flee when you thunder and threaten, nations scatter when you rise majestically.

4. Your spoil, O nations, will be gathered like grasshoppers or locusts leaping and pouncing at grain in the fields.

5. Great is Yahweh who dwells in the height who fills Zion with justice and right,

6. at any time he makes you secure. Wisdom and knowledge are the helpful riches, the fear of Yahweh will be your treasure.

7. The people of Ariel lament in the street, their envoys of peace bitterly weep.

8. The highways lie waste with no traveler in sight. For the covenants were broken, the promises trampled down; no one has been respected.

9. The earth mourns and languishes, Lebanon withers away with shame, Sharon has become a wilderness, and Bashan and Carmel are stripped bare.

10. Yahweh says: now I will rise up, now I will be exalted, now I will lift myself up.

11. You conceived chaff, you will deliver stubble, my breath like fire will devour you.

12. The nations will be burned to lime, like thorns cut down and burned in the fire.

13. You who are afar, hear what I have done; and you who are near, acknowledge my might.

14. The sinners of Zion shake, trembling in fear are the hypocrites. "Who among us will dwell with flames? Who can subsist in the midst of fire?

15. He who walks uprightly and speaks righteously, spurns profit from oppression, shakes his fists at graft and corruption, stops his ears against suggestions of bloodshed and averts his eyes from evil plans.

16. This is the man who will dwell on the heights, his stronghold a fortress of rocks; bread is given to him, his water will not fail.

17. Your eyes will behold a king in his splendor and a land that stretches afar.

18. Yet your mind may still dwell on its old fears: Where is the oppressor who counted and weighed the taxes and enrolled our sons?

19. But you will see no more of those fierce people with obscure speech you cannot comprehend, with stammering tongue you cannot understand.

20. Look to Zion, the city of our festivals; see Jerusalem, a peaceful abode, a tabernacle never to be destroyed. Not one of its stakes will ever be removed nor any of its ropes severed.

21. But there is Yahweh mighty for our sake, in place of broad rivers and streams. Here you see no galley with oars; no stately sailing ship.

22. But Yahweh is our judge, Yahweh is our king: he will save us.

23. Your rigging hangs loose: it cannot hold the mast firm, it cannot keep the sail spread out. Such have been the prey and spoil that even the lame pounced on it.

24. On that day no one apologized, "I am sickly." The people who dwell there have been forgiven their sins.

“Nas tribulações é necessário ter fé em Deus.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina