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  • You will bring them in and plant them on the mountain of your inheritance, the place you chose to dwell in, O Yahweh, the sanctuary prepared by your hands. (Exodus 15, 17)

  • For they must build me a sanctuary so that I may dwell among them, (Exodus 25, 8)

  • So when Aaron enters the sanctuary wearing the Breastpiece of judgment, he will bear the names of the sons of Israel on his breast to call them to mind continually in the presence of Yahweh. (Exodus 28, 29)

  • Aaron is to wear this robe when he serves before God, so that the tinkling of the bells will be heard whenever he enters the sanctuary and goes into Yahweh's presence, or leaves it; if he does not, he will die. (Exodus 28, 35)

  • Aaron and his sons must wear these when they go into the Tent of Meeting and when they approach the altar to serve the sanctuary. If they do not, they will be guilty and die. This is a permanent rule for Aaron and for his descendants after him. (Exodus 28, 43)

  • The son of Aaron who comes after him in the priesthood and enters the Tent of Meeting to serve in the sanctuary must wear them for seven days. (Exodus 29, 30)

  • the anointing oil and the fragrant incense for the sanctuary. In this they are to do exactly as I have directed you." (Exodus 31, 11)

  • the beautiful priestly vestments for service in the sanctuary, that is, the sacred vestments for Aaron the priest and the vestments of his sons for the priestly functions." (Exodus 35, 19)

  • Bezalel and Oholiab and all the skilled craftsmen to whom Yahweh had given skill and understanding to carry out all that was required for the building of the sanctuary, did their work exactly as Yahweh had directed. (Exodus 36, 1)

  • They received from Moses all that the people of Israel had brought as contributions for the work of building the sanctuary. In the meantime, the people continued each morning to bring their offerings. (Exodus 36, 3)

  • Moses then sent this command throughout the camp: "Let no one, man or woman, do anything more toward the collection for the sanctuary." So the people were stopped from bringing any more; (Exodus 36, 6)

  • The amount of gold used in the work - the entire work for the sanctuary - (this was gold consecrated by offering) weighed 2,195 pounds, weighed according to the official standard. (Exodus 38, 24)

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