1. Yahweh is king! Let earth rejoice, the many isles be glad!

2. Cloud, black cloud enfolds him, saving justice and judgement the foundations of his throne.

3. Fire goes before him, sets ablaze his enemies all around;

4. his lightning-flashes light up the world, the earth sees it and quakes.

5. The mountains melt like wax, before the Lord of all the earth.

6. The heavens proclaim his saving justice, all nations see his glory.

7. Shame on all who serve images, who pride themselves on their idols; bow down to him, all you gods!

8. Zion hears and is glad, the daughters of Judah exult, because of your judgements, Yahweh.

9. For you are Yahweh, Most High over all the earth, far transcending all gods.

10. Yahweh loves those who hate evil, he keeps safe his faithful, rescues them from the clutches of the wicked.

11. Light dawns for the upright, and joy for honest hearts.

12. Rejoice in Yahweh, you who are upright, praise his unforgettable holiness.

Como distinguir uma tentação de um pecado e como estar certo de que não se pecou? – perguntou um penitente. Padre Pio sorriu e respondeu: “Como se distingue um burro de um homem? O burro tem de ser conduzido; o homem conduz a si mesmo!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina