1. Keeping the Law is worth many offerings. Being faithful to the commandments is like a peace offering.

2. Returning kindness is an offering of fine flour; giving alms is a sacrifice of praise.

3. Renouncing sin pleases the Lord, and shunning injustice is a sacrifice of atonement.

4. Do not appear before the Lord with empty hands. The commandment requires that you bring an offering.

5. When the offering of the righteous is burned on the altar, the fat drips down and a fragrant aroma rises to the Most High.

6. The sacrifice of the just man pleases God and will not be forgotten.

7. Honor the Lord with a generous heart and do not be stingy with the first fruits of your harvest.

8. Offer your gifts with a smiling face and when you pay your tithes do it gladly.

9. Give to the Most High as he has given to you; give generously to the Lord according to what you have;

10. the Lord will repay, he will reward you sevenfold.

11. If you attempt to bribe him with gifts he will not accept them; do not rely on offerings from dishonest gain.

12. The Lord is judge and shows no partiality.

13. He will not disadvantage the poor, he who hears the prayer of the oppressed.

14. He does not disdain the plea of the orphan, nor the complaint of the widow.

15. When tears flow down her cheeks, is she not crying out against the one who caused her to weep?

16. The one who serves God wholeheartedly will be heard; his petition will reach the clouds.

17. The prayer of the humble person pierces the clouds, and he is not consoled until he has been heard.

18. His prayer will not cease until the Most High has looked down, until justice has been done in favor of the righteous.

19. And the Lord will not delay, nor will he be patient with the wicked,

20. but he will crush the backbone of the merciless and have vengeance on the nations,

21. until he has completely destroyed the hordes of the violent and broken the power of the wicked,

22. until he has repaid each one according to his deeds,

23. until he has judged his people and made them rejoice because of his mercy.

24. Blessed is his mercy in the time of adversity! It is like rain clouds during a drought!

“Nas tentações, combata com coragem! Nas quedas, humilhe-se mas não desanime!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina