1. Death! What a bitter thought for someone who lives happily among his possessions, a prosperous and successful man who is still able to enjoy his food!

2. Your sentence, Death, is welcome to a needy person whose strength is failing, who is old, worn out, and full of worries; to one who is angry and without hope!

3. Do not be afraid of Death's sentence; think of those who have gone before you and those who will follow.

4. The Lord has decreed it for every living creature; why should you rebel against the good pleasure of the Most High? Whether you live for ten, a hundred or a thousand years, no one in the netherworld is concerned.

5. Abominable people, such are the children of sinners who gather in the houses of the ungodly.

6. The inheritance of the sons of sinners will perish; their prosperity will be a lasting reproach.

7. An ungodly father will be insulted by his children, for they hold him responsible for their disgrace.

8. Woe to you, wicked people who have forsaken the law of the Most High!

9. At birth you are born to be cursed and you will be cursed at death.

10. All that comes from the earth returns to the earth, and the ungodly go from curse to ruin.

11. People grieve because their bodies will perish, but even the evil names of sinners will be blotted out.

12. Have regard for your reputation, for it will live on, of greater value than a thousand hoards of gold.

13. Few perhaps are the days of the just man's life but an honored name endures forever.

14. My children, keep my teaching and live in peace. Of what use is hidden wisdom and unseen treasure?

15. It is better for a man to hide his foolishness than to hide his wisdom.

16. Therefore, feel shame according to what I say. It is not always fitting to feel shame, but this is not understood by everyone.

17. Be ashamed of licentiousness before your father and mother, and of a lie before a ruler or an important person.

18. Be ashamed of criminal behavior before a judge, and of iniquity before an assembly of people.

19. Feel ashamed of dishonesty before your partner or friend, and of a theft in the place where you live.

20. Be ashamed before the truth of God and his covenant. Be ashamed of keeping the loaves for yourself,

21. of being unable to give and to receive, of not returning a greeting,

22. of staring at a prostitute, of rejecting a compatriot,

23. of depriving someone of what is his, of gazing at another man's wife,

24. of being too familiar with your maidservant - keep away from her bed!

25. of insulting words to a friend - do not follow up a gift with a reproach!

26. of repeating what you have heard and betraying secrets.

27. On these occasions feel genuine shame and you will be respected by all.

“Padre, eu não acredito no inferno – falou um penitente. Padre Pio disse: Acreditará quando for para lá?” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina