1. Such is the one who fears the Lord; whoever embraces the Law will obtain wisdom.

2. She will come out to meet him like a mother and greet him like a virgin bride;

3. she will feed him with the bread of understanding and give him the water of wisdom to drink.

4. He will rely on her and will not waver; he will lean on her and will not be let down.

5. Wisdom will make him greater than his friends and he will be able to speak in the full assembly.

6. He will be crowned with happiness and joy. He will inherit an everlasting name.

7. The fool will never possess her, and sinners will never set eyes on her.

8. She is far away from pride, and liars will know nothing of her.

9. Praise is not fitting on the lips of sinners since it does not come from the Lord.

10. Praise must come from the wise man; so the Lord himself inspires it.

11. Do not say, "It was God who made me sin." God does not cause what he hates.

12. Do not say, "He made me do wrong," for he has nothing to do with a sinner.

13. The Lord hates all evil and those who fear him hate it as well.

14. When he created man in the beginning, he left him free to make his own decisions.

15. If you wish, you can keep the commandments and it is in your power to remain faithful.

16. He has set fire and water before you; you stretch out your hand to whichever you prefer.

17. Life and death are set before man: whichever a man prefers will be given him.

18. How magnificent is the wisdom of the Lord! He is powerful and all-seeing.

19. His eyes are on those who fear him. He knows all the works of man.

20. He has commanded no one to be godless and has given no one permission to sin.

“Seja paciente e espere com confiança o tempo do Senhor”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina