1. Many sin for love of gain, he who desires riches silences his conscience.

2. Just as the stake is settled between two stones, so sin wedges itself between buying and selling.

3. The house of him who does not keep himself firmly in the fear of the Lord will soon be knocked to the ground.

4. When a sieve is shaken the dirt falls through; so, too, the defects of a man are seen when he begins to speak.

5. The kiln tests the potter's handiwork; a man is tested by his conversation.

6. A well-tended tree is shown by its fruits so a man's feelings can be detected in what he says.

7. Praise no one before he has spoken, since this is the acid test.

8. If you pursue righteousness, you will achieve it and wear it like a festive garment.

9. Birds associate with their own kind, so, too, does truth greet those who are faithful.

10. The lion lurks in wait for its prey; so, too, does sin lie in wait for those who do wrong.

11. The wise man's conversation follows wisdom all the time. In contrast, the fool changes like the moon.

12. When among fools, be sparing with your time; among thoughtful people, be lavish with it.

13. The conversation of fools is hateful, their laughter is coarse and raucous.

14. No one can bear those who swear all the time. Their quarrels make you cover your ears.

15. Blood is spilt when proud men quarrel and their insults are painful to the ear.

16. He who betrays a secret is no longer trusted; he will no longer find reliable friends.

17. Love your friend and be loyal; if you have revealed his secrets, go with him no longer.

18. It is like having lost some of your relatives: his friendship to you has died.

19. Like a bird, you have let your friend go, you will not get him back. When you open your hand, the bird flies off;

20. do not pursue him: he is far away and has fled like a gazelle from the snare.

21. For a wound can be bandaged and an insult forgiven, but if you betray a secret there is no hope.

22. The man who winks an eye is plotting evil, no one can persuade him to change.

23. He is all sweetness to your face, praising your words, but behind your back he speaks differently and twists your words.

24. I hate many things but nothing more than this man; the Lord, also, hates and curses him.

25. When one tosses a stone in the air it falls back on his head; whoever deals a treacherous blow, wounds himself.

26. He who digs a pit will fall into it; he who sets a snare will be caught in it.

27. If you do evil, evil will befall you and you will not know from where it comes.

28. The proud man makes use of mockery and insults, but vengeance lies in wait for him like a lion.

29. Those who gloat over the downfall of good men will fall into the snare; suffering will consume them before they die.

30. Grudge and wrath, these also are abominations in which sinful people excel.

“Viva sempre sob o olhar do Bom Pastor e você ficara’ imune aos pastos contaminados.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina