1. Evil will not go to meet the one who fears the Lord; if he is in danger he will be rescued.

2. The wise man never departs from the Law; he who only pretends to keep it is like a storm-tossed boat.

3. An intelligent man has faith in the Law, which for him is as trustworthy as an oracle.

4. If you want people to listen to you, prepare what you have to say; recall what you have learned before you give an answer.

5. A cart wheel! That is what the feelings of a fool are like. His mind resembles a turning axle.

6. A mocking friend is like a wild horse, neighing when anyone rides him.

7. Why is one day holier than another, when the light of the sun shines on every day of the year?

8. By the Lord's decision they were made different; he arranged the different seasons and feasts.

9. Some of these he chose to make holy, others he made ordinary days.

10. All men come from clay just as Adam himself was formed.

11. In the fullness of his wisdom the Lord made each one unique and diversified his conditions.

12. Some he made holy, keeping them near to himself. Others he cursed and humiliated, removing them from where they were.

13. As clay in the hand of the potter to be molded as he pleases, so are all in the hands of the Creator to be dealt with as he sees fit.

14. Good is the opposite of evil, and life, of death, and the sinner is the opposite of the upright.

15. Consider all the works of the Most High and you will see how they go in pairs, by opposites.

16. As for me I have been the last to keep watch, like a gleaner following the grape-pickers.

17. By the blessing of the Lord I have taken the lead and like the grape-picker I have filled the winepress.

18. Note that not only for myself have I toiled, but for all who seek instruction.

19. Hear me, rulers of the people, leaders of the assembly hear!

20. Neither to son, wife, brother nor friend give power over yourself during your life. Do not give your property to another in case you regret it and have to beg them to return it.

21. As long as you live and there is breath in you, do not give power over yourself to anyone.

22. It is preferable for your children to be dependent on you, than that you be obliged to depend on them.

23. Be master of all that you do; let not others stain your reputation.

24. Wait until the end of your days, until death is near, to distribute your inheritance.

25. Fodder, stick and burdens are for the donkey; bread, correction and work are for the slave.

26. Put your slave to work and you will have peace. Let him take it easy and he will want to be free.

27. Yoke and harness will bow the neck. For a criminal slave there are torture and the stocks.

28. Send him to work or he will be idle, and idleness teaches much evil.

29. Give him work that is appropriate for him; if he does not obey, put his feet in chains.

30. But do not be over-demanding with anyone and do nothing without discernment.

31. You have a slave? Let him be like you; for you bought him through blood.

32. You have a slave? Treat him like a brother. You need him as you need yourself.

33. If you ill-treat him and he escapes, where will you go to look for him?

“Todas as pessoas que escolhem a melhor parte (viver em Cristo) devem passar pelas dores de Cristo; algumas mais, algumas menos…” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina