1. He who touches tar will be soiled; he who associates with an arrogant man will become like him.

2. Do not carry too heavy a load; do not make friends with someone stronger and richer than you. Why put the earthen pot near the iron one? One will bang the other and break it.

3. The rich man does wrong and is unconcerned; the poor man is insulted and apologizes.

4. The rich man uses you as long as you are useful to him; when you have nothing left he deserts you.

5. He will stay with you as long as you have something; he will drain you without a second thought.

6. If he really needs you he will deceive you, smile at you and raise your hopes; he will speak smooth words and say, "What would you like?"

7. He will show his gratitude by entertaining you until he has taken all you possess, and he will make fun of you in the end. Afterwards, when he sees you, he will have nothing to do with you, shaking his head when he meets you.

8. Take care not to be deceived and humiliated through stupidity.

9. When an influential person invites you, delay and he will call you all the more.

10. Do not go so far forward that you are pushed aside or so far back that you are overlooked.

11. Do not try to talk to him as an equal or trust his many words. With all this verbiage he is only trying to test you and, under pretense of kindness, he is weighing you up.

12. He will repeat your words without pity and will not spare you either blows or chains.

13. Be wary and take great care because you are walking with your own stumbling block.

15. All that lives loves its own kind and each person, his own neighbor.

16. Every animal relates to its own species and man to his own kind.

17. What has the wolf in common with the lamb? It is the same with the sinner and the virtuous man.

18. What kind of peace can exist between the hyena and the dog? What peace between the rich man and the poor man?

19. Wild donkeys are the prey of desert lions; so, also, are the poor the prey of the rich.

20. The proud man hates humility; so, also, the poor man is detestable to the rich.

21. When the rich man stumbles, his friends support him, but when the poor man falls, his friends desert him.

22. When the rich man gets into trouble, there are many who come to his rescue; if he speaks nonsense, they congratulate him. When the poor man makes a mistake, they criticize him; if he speaks sensibly, they pay no attention.

23. When the rich man speaks, all are silent and they praise his words to the skies. The poor man speaks and people ask, "Who is this?" And if he stumbles, they push him down.

24. Wealth is good if there is no sin in it and poverty is evil when it is the reward for godlessness.

25. Man's heart is reflected in his face, for better or for worse.

26. Does he show a happy face? All is going well to him. Has he found words of wisdom? He has reflected on suffering.

“Como é belo esperar!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina