1. But do not let yourself be led astray by any of the things that follow.

2. Do not be ashamed of the law of the Most High and his covenant, of judging even the wicked fairly,

3. of keeping accounts with a traveling companion, and of sharing your inheritance with friends,

4. of checking weights and scales,

5. of making a profit whether small or great, of bargaining with traders, and of being strict with children, of severe corporal punishment for a servant who deserves it.

6. With a prying wife or when many people are around, it is wise to make use of seal and lock!

7. For deposits it is essential to reckon by number and weight and keep a written record of what you give and receive.

8. Do not be ashamed of correcting someone who is foolish or stupid or an old man who has become childish. Doing that, you prove that you are a well-educated person and you will be generally respected.

9. A daughter causes her father hidden worries; anxiety on her account keeps him awake: Is she young? She may not marry. Is she married? She may be disliked;

10. Is she a virgin? She may be seduced and become pregnant in her father's house! Is she married? She may be unfaithful or unable to have children!

11. Your daughter is unruly? Watch her well, or she may make you a laughingstock to your enemies, the talk of the town and a public disgrace.

12. Do not be taken by human beauty and do not sit down in the company of women;

13. for just as a moth comes out of a garment, woman's wickedness comes out of a woman.

14. Better a man's wickedness than a woman's kindness; women bring shame and disgrace.

15. Now I Shall remind you of the works of The Lord and relate what I have seen. The Lord's works depend on his word, and creation obeys his will.

16. The sun shines on everything and the work of the Lord is filled with his glory.

17. Not even to his holy ones has the Lord given full knowledge of all his marvelous works. The Lord, Master of the universe, has ordained that all should stand firm in his glory.

18. He penetrates both the depth of the abyss and the human heart and knows their secrets. For the Most High has full knowledge and ordains the signs of the heavens.

19. He knows the past and foretells the future and reveals the traces of the world's mysteries.

20. No thought escapes him, no word is hidden from him.

21. He has ordered the marvelous works of his wisdom, from ever and for ever. Nothing can be added, nothing can be taken away and he has no need of counsel.

22. All his works are beautiful, even to the smallest spark of light.

23. All this lives and endures forever: all is useful and obedient to his will.

24. All things are in pairs, one opposite the other, and nothing he makes is in any way deficient.

25. One thing emphasizes the excellence of the other; who could ever weary of admiring his glory?

“Que Jesus reine sempre soberano no seu coração e o faça cada vez mais digno de seus divinos dons.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina