1. Do not argue with a powerful man lest you fall into his hands.

2. Do not quarrel with a rich man lest he throw his weight into the scale against you.

3. Do not argue with a talkative person; do not heap up wood on his fire.

4. Do not joke with an ignorant man for fear your ancestors will be insulted.

5. Do not offend the man who repents of his sins, remember that we are all deserving punishment.

6. Do not despise a man in his old age, because we ourselves will grow old.

7. Do not rejoice at the death of any man, remember that we shall all die.

8. Do not neglect the teaching of the wise, apply yourself well to their precepts. Through them you will learn how to live and how to serve the great.

9. Do not set aside the teachings of the elders for they also learnt it from their fathers; they will open up your understanding and enable you to reply at the right moment.

10. Do nothing to arouse the sinner for fear of being burned by the flames of his fire.

11. Do not annoy the angry man for fear that he will twist your words to his own advantage.

12. Do not lend to those more powerful than yourself; if you have lent anything, consider it as lost.

13. Do not stand surety beyond your means; if you have done so, be ready to pay.

14. Do not go to law with a judge because, due to his position, judgment will be given in his favor.

15. Do not travel with an adventurer lest he impose himself on you and, as he does whatever he pleases, you both perish through his folly.

16. Do not quarrel with a bad-tempered person nor get involved with him in a lonely place; blood counts for little in his eyes and, when he sees you defenseless, he will attack you.

17. Do not take counsel with a fool because he will not be able to remain silent about what you have said.

18. Do nothing which should be secret before a stranger because you do not know how he will react.

19. Do not reveal your secrets to any man, he will not be grateful to you for doing so.

“O demônio é forte com quem o teme, mas é fraco com quem o despreza.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina