1. O death, how bitter it is to remember you for someone peacefully living with his possessions, for someone with no worries and everything going well and who can still enjoy his food!

2. O death, your sentence is welcome to one in want, whose strength is failing, to one worn out with age and a thousand worries, resentful and impatient!

3. Do not dread death's sentence; remember those who came before you and those who will come after.

4. This is the sentence passed on all living creatures by the Lord, so why object to what seems good to the Most High? Whether your life lasts ten or a hundred or a thousand years, its length will not be held against you in Sheol.

5. Hateful brats, such are the children of sinners, who foregather in the haunts of the godless.

6. The inheritance of sinners' children is doomed to perish, their posterity will endure lasting reproach.

7. A godless father will be blamed by his children for the reproach he has brought on them.

8. A bad outlook for you, godless people, who have forsaken the Law of God Most High.

9. When you were born, you were born to be accursed, and when you die, that curse will be your portion.

10. All that comes from the earth returns to the earth, so too the wicked proceed from curse to destruction.

11. Mourning concerns only the bodies of the dead, but the worthless name of sinners will be blotted out.

12. Be careful of your reputation, for it will last you longer than a thousand great hoards of gold.

13. A good life lasts a certain number of days, but a good reputation lasts for ever.

14. Keep my instructions and be at peace, my children. Wisdom hidden away and treasure undisplayed, what use is either of these?

15. Better someone who hides his folly than one who hides his wisdom.

16. Preserve a sense of shame in the following matters, for not every kind of shame is right to harbour, nor is every situation correctly appraised by all.

17. Be ashamed, before father and mother, of depraved behaviour, and before prince or potentate of telling lies;

18. of wrong-doing before judge or magistrate, and of impiety before the assembly of the people;

19. of sharp practice before your companion and your friend, and of theft before the neighbourhood you live in.

20. Before the truth and covenant of God, be ashamed of leaning elbows on the table,

21. of being ungracious when giving or receiving, of ignoring those who greet you,

22. of gazing at a loose woman, of repulsing your fellow-countryman,

23. of misappropriating another's portion or gift, of paying court to another man's wife,

24. of making advances to his servant-girl -- do not go near her bed-

25. of saying disagreeable things to friends -- do not follow up a gift with a taunt-

26. of repeating everything you hear and of betraying confidences.

27. Then you will know what true shame is, and you will find yourself in everyone's graces.

“Seja perseverante nas orações e nas santas leituras.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina