1. These are also Proverbs of Solomon, recorded in the time of Heze- kiah, king of Judah.

2. The glory of God is in hiding secrets and the glory of the king, in revealing them.

3. As high as the skies, as deep as the earth, such is the heart of kings.

4. Remove the impurity from silver and it will become a vessel in the hands of the silversmith.

5. Remove the wicked from the king's presence and he will affirm his power through justice.

6. Do not boast before the king or put yourself among the great.

7. It would be better to be invited, "Come up here," than to be humiliated after having seen the prince.

8. Do not be too hasty in accusing your neighbor for what would happen to you should he confound you?

9. Defend your case against your neighbor but do not reveal the secret of another,

10. lest he overhear it and despise you and your reputation be lost.

11. An opportune word is like golden apples encased in silver.

12. A gold ring or an ornament of fine gold, such is the wise man's rebuke to a responsive person.

13. The trustworthy messenger is like the coolness of snow at harvest time, to him who sends him: he revives the soul of his master.

14. Clouds and wind but no rain, such is the one who promises but does not fulfill.

15. With a little patience you will persuade the judge; a soft tongue can break bones.

16. If you find honey, eat enough but not too much, lest you bring it up again.

17. Go rarely to your neighbor's house lest he tire of you and grow to hate you.

18. A mace, a sword, a keen arrow: such is the one who lies about his neighbor.

19. A decaying tooth, a lame foot, such is the trust put in the ungodly on the day of trouble.

20. Singing songs to a grieving person is like taking off your cloak in frosty weather or pouring vinegar into a wound.

21. If your enemy is hungry give him something to eat, if thirsty, something to drink;

22. thus you pile up red-hot coals on his head and Yahweh will reward you.

23. As the north wind brings the rain, so the gossiping tongue leaves angry faces.

24. Better the corner of a barn to live in than a house shared with a whimsical woman.

25. Good news from a distant country is like cool water to a dry throat.

26. A churning river or a polluted spring is like the virtuous man who trembles before the evildoer.

27. It is not good to eat too much honey and even less good to be greedy for honors.

28. The man who cannot contain his anger is like an open city, without defenses.

“E’ na dor que o amor se torna mais forte.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina