1. Have they made you the presider? Do not let it go to your head, behave like everyone else in the party, see that they are happy and then sit down yourself.

2. Having discharged your duties, take your place so that your joy may be through theirs, and you may receive the crown for your competence.

3. Speak, old man -- it is proper that you should -- but with discretion: do not spoil the music.

4. If someone is singing, do not ramble on and do not play the sage at the wrong moment.

5. An amber seal on a precious stone, such is a concert of music at a wine feast.

6. An emerald seal in a golden setting, such are strains of music with a vintage wine.

7. Speak, young man, when you must, but twice at most, and then only if questioned.

8. Keep to the point, say much in few words; give the impression of knowing but not wanting to speak.

9. Among eminent people do not behave as though you were their equal; do not make frivolous remarks when someone else is speaking.

10. Lightning comes before the thunder, favour goes ahead of a modest person.

11. Leave in good time, do not bring up the rear, and hurry home without loitering.

12. There amuse yourself, and do what you have a mind to, but do not sin by arrogant talk.

13. And for all this bless your Creator, who intoxicates you with his favours.

14. Whoever fears the Lord will accept his correction; those who look for him will win his favour.

15. Whoever seeks the Law will be nourished by it, the hypocrite will find it a stumbling-block.

16. Those who fear the Lord win his approval, their good deeds shining like a light.

17. The sinner waves reproof aside, he finds an excuse for headstrong behaviour.

18. A sensible person never scorns a warning; foreigners and the proud do not know about fear.

19. Never act without reflection, and you will not regret your actions.

20. Do not venture on a rough road, for fear of stumbling over the stones.

21. Do not be over-confident on an even road

22. and beware of your own children.

23. Watch yourself in everything you do; this is also the way to keep the commandments.

24. Anyone who trusts in the Law obeys its precepts, no one who has confidence in the Lord will come to harm.

“Padre Pio disse a um filho espiritual: Trabalhe! Ele perguntou: No que devo trabalhar, Padre? Ele respondeu: Em amar sempre mais a Jesus!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina