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  • Reuben, you are my first-born, my vigour, and the first-fruit of my manhood, foremost in pride, foremost in strength, (Genesis 49, 3)

  • Take pride in his holy name, let your heart rejoice, you seekers of Yahweh! (1 Chronicles 16, 10)

  • Then, however, Hezekiah did humble himself in his pride, and so did the inhabitants of Jerusalem; as a result of which, Yahweh's retribution did not overtake them during Hezekiah's lifetime. (2 Chronicles 32, 26)

  • You, too, my child, must love your own brothers; never presume to despise your brothers, the sons and daughters of your people; choose your wife from among them. For pride brings ruin and much worry; idleness causes need and poverty, for the mother of famine is idleness. (Tobit 4, 13)

  • By guile of my lips strike down slave with master, and master with retainer. Break their pride by a woman's hand. (Judith 9, 10)

  • On coming to her house, they blessed her with one accord, saying: You are the glory of Jerusalem! You are the great pride of Israel! You are the highest honour of our race! (Judith 15, 9)

  • for he casts down the pride of the arrogant, but he saves those of downcast eyes. (Job 22, 29)

  • to turn him from what he is doing and to put an end to his pride. (Job 33, 17)

  • He shows them the import of their deeds, of the sins of pride they have committed. (Job 36, 9)

  • In his pride the wicked hunts down the weak, who is caught in the schemes he devises. (Psalms 10, 2)

  • And from pride preserve your servant, never let it be my master. So shall I be above reproach, free from grave sin. (Psalms 19, 13)

  • muzzles on their lying mouths, which speak arrogantly against the upright in pride and contempt. (Psalms 31, 18)

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