1. These are the groups to which the descendants of Aaron belong. Sons of Aaron: Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, Ithamar.

2. Nadab and Abihu died in their father's lifetime leaving no children, so Eleazar and Ithamar became priests.

3. David divided them into groups with the help of Zadok, one of Eleazar's sons, and Ahimelech, one of the sons of Ithamar, and made a register of them according to their duties.

4. The sons of Eleazar were found to have more leading men than the sons of Ithamar; accordingly, from the heads of families of the sons of Eleazar they made sixteen groups, and from those of the sons of Ithamar, eight.

5. They divided them, both parties, by lot: there were Temple officials and spiritual leaders among the sons of Eleazar, as well as among the sons of Ithamar.

6. One of the Levites, the scribe Shemaiah son of Nethanel, recorded them in the presence of the king, his officers, Zadok the priest, Ahimelech son of Abiathar and the heads of the priestly and levitical families. They took turns in drawing lots for each family of the sons of Eleazar and for the sons of Ithamar.

7. The first lot fell to Jehoiarib, to Jedaiah the second,

8. Harim the third, Seorim the fourth,

9. Malchijah the fifth, Mijamin the sixth,

10. Hakkoz the seventh, Abijah the eighth,

11. Jeshua the ninth, Shecaniah the tenth,

12. Eliashib the eleventh, Jakim the twelfth,

13. Huppah the thirteenth, Ishbaal the fourteenth,

14. Bilgah the fifteenth, Immer the sixteenth,

15. Hezir the seventeenth, Happizzez the eighteenth,

16. Pethahiah the nineteenth, Jehezkel the twentieth,

17. Jachin the twenty-first, Gamul the twenty-second,

18. Delaiah the twenty-third, Maaziah the twenty-fourth.

19. These men were registered according to their various duties, to enter the Temple of Yahweh according to the regulations that Yahweh, the God of Israel, had given through Haran, their ancestor.

20. As regards the rest of the sons of Levi: Sons of Amram: Shubael. Sons of Shubael: Jehdeiah.

21. For Rehabiah, for the sons of Rehabiah: the eldest, Isshiah.

22. Izharites: Shelomoth: Jahath.

23. Sons of Hebron: Jeriah the first, Amariah the second, Jahaziel the third, Jekameam the fourth.

24. Sons of Uzziel: Micah; sons of Micah: Shamir;

25. the brother of Micah: Isshiah; sons of Micah: Isshiah, Zechariah.

26. Sons of Merari: Mahli and Mushi. Sons of Jaaziah: his son;

27. sons of Merari: for Jaaziah his son: Shoham, Zaccur, Ibri:

28. for Mahli: Eleazar who had no sons;

29. for Kish: the sons of Kish: Jerahmeel.

30. Sons of Mushi: Mahli, Eder, Jerimoth.

31. These were the sons of Levi by their families. The head of each family and one of his younger brothers drew lots for their assignments, just as their relatives, the priests descended from Aaron, had done. King David, Zadok, Ahimelech, and the heads of families of the priests and of the Levites were witnesses.

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