1. The word of Yahweh came to me in these terms,

2. "Son of man, prophesy and say: This is the word of Yahweh: Moan! Ah!

3. the day is near; the day of Yahweh is coming! It will be a day of clouds, a time of doom for the nations.

4. The sword is brought to strike Egypt and anguish will come to Cush. The slain will fall throughout Egypt; people will carry off its riches and its foundations will be torn away.

5. Cush, Put and Lydia, all Arabia, Libya and all the people of the covenant will fall by the sword.

6. This is the word of Yahweh: "Those who support Egypt will fall; her haughty power will crumble! From Migdal to Aswan, people will be slain, word of Yahweh.

7. They will be numbered among desolate lands, and her cities among ruined cities.

8. They will know I am Yahweh when I set fire to Egypt and when all her allies are crushed.

9. On that day my messengers will leave in ships to shake the people of Cush out of their complacency and they will be in anguish on the day of the fall of Egypt; for that day is coming.

10. Thus says Yahweh: I will put an end to the hordes of Egypt by means of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon and

11. his people with him, the most feared among the nations. For I will lead them here to destroy the land. They will draw their swords against Egypt and fill the land with victims.

12. I will dry up Egypt's canals and hand over the country to the wicked. I will use the hand of the foreigner to make the land and all it contains a waste. I, Yahweh, have spoken.

13. This is the word of Yahweh: I will destroy the idols and wipe out the false gods in Memphis. No longer will there be a prince in the land of Egypt and I will put fear in the land.

14. I will make a wasteland of Pathros, set fire to Zoan and inflict punishment on Thebes.

15. I will pour out my fury on Pelusium, the fortress of Egypt, and destroy the throngs of Thebes.

16. I will set fire to Egypt; Pelusium will writhe in agony. They will enter Thebes through a breach and take her by storm.

17. The young men of Heliopolis and Bubastis will fall by the sword and the women will be taken captive.

18. What a dark day it will be in Tahpanhes when I break the leadership of Egypt and destroy her arrogant might! As for this city a cloud will cover it and her daughters will be taken captive.

19. I will inflict punishment on Egypt and they will know that I am Yahweh."

20. On the seventh day of the first month of the eleventh year, the word of Yahweh came to me,

21. "Son of man, I have broken the arm of Pharaoh, king of Egypt. No one has treated it for healing or bandaged it to enable him to hold a sword.

22. That is why thus says Yahweh: See, I am against Pharaoh, king of Egypt. I will break his arms, both the one that is strong and the wounded one as well.

23. I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations and disperse them in other lands.

24. I will strengthen the arm of the king of Babylon and put my sword in his hand; but as for Pharaoh, I will break his arms, making him moan like a mortally wounded man.

25. Yes, I will strengthen the arm of the king of Babylon but make Pharaoh's arm limp. They will know I am Yahweh when I place my sword in the hand of the king of Babylon.

26. I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations and disperse them in other lands and they will know that I am Yahweh."

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