1. Do not be jealous of the wife of your bosom, and do not teach her an evil lesson to your own hurt.

2. Do not give yourself to a woman so that she gains mastery over your strength.

3. Do not go to meet a loose woman, lest you fall into her snares.

4. Do not associate with a woman singer, lest you be caught in her intrigues.

5. Do not look intently at a virgin, lest you stumble and incur penalties for her.

6. Do not give yourself to harlots lest you lose your inheritance.

7. Do not look around in the streets of a city, nor wander about in its deserted sections.

8. Turn away your eyes from a shapely woman, and do not look intently at beauty belonging to another; many have been misled by a woman's beauty, and by it passion is kindled like a fire.

9. Never dine with another man's wife, nor revel with her at wine; lest your heart turn aside to her, and in blood you be plunged into destruction.

10. Forsake not an old friend, for a new one does not compare with him. A new friend is like new wine; when it has aged you will drink it with pleasure.

11. Do not envy the honors of a sinner, for you do not know what his end will be.

12. Do not delight in what pleases the ungodly; remember that they will not be held guiltless as long as they live.

13. Keep far from a man who has the power to kill, and you will not be worried by the fear of death. But if you approach him, make no misstep, lest he rob you of your life. Know that you are walking in the midst of snares, and that you are going about on the city battlements.

14. As much as you can, aim to know your neighbors, and consult with the wise.

15. Let your conversation be with men of understanding, and let all your discussion be about the law of the Most High.

16. Let righteous men be your dinner companions, and let your glorying be in the fear of the Lord.

17. A work will be praised for the skill of the craftsmen; so a people's leader is proved wise by his words.

18. A babbler is feared in his city, and the man who is reckless in speech will be hated.

“A mulher forte é a que tem temor de Deus, a que mesmo à custa de sacrifício faz a vontade de Deus.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina