1. A Canticle Psalm to the sons of Korah. Its foundations are in the holy mountains:

2. the Lord loves the gates of Zion above all the tabernacles of Jacob.

3. Glorious things are being said of you, O City of God.

4. I will be mindful of Rahab and of Babylon knowing me. Behold, the foreigners, and Tyre, and the people of the Ethiopians: these have been there.

5. Will not Zion say that this man and that man were born in her? And the Most High himself has founded her.

6. The Lord will explain, in the writings of peoples and of leaders, about those who have been in her.

7. For so the dwelling place within you is with all rejoicing.

“Não há nada mais inaceitável do que uma mulher caprichosa, frívola e arrogante, especialmente se é casada. Uma esposa cristã deve ser uma mulher de profunda piedade em relação a Deus, um anjo de paz na família, digna e agradável em relação ao próximo.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina