1. Not to us, Yahweh, not to us, but to your name give the glory, for your faithful love and your constancy!

2. Why should the nations ask, 'Where is their God?'

3. Our God is in heaven, he creates whatever he chooses.

4. They have idols of silver and gold, made by human hands.

5. These have mouths but say nothing, have eyes but see nothing,

6. have ears but hear nothing, have noses but smell nothing.

7. They have hands but cannot feel, have feet but cannot walk, no sound comes from their throats.

8. Their makers will end up like them, and all who rely on them.

9. House of Israel, rely on Yahweh; he is their help and their shield.

10. House of Aaron, rely on Yahweh; he is their help and their shield.

11. You who fear Yahweh, rely on Yahweh; he is their help and their shield.

12. Yahweh will keep us in mind, he will bless, he will bless the House of Israel, he will bless the House of Aaron,

13. he will bless those who fear Yahweh, small and great alike.

14. May Yahweh add to your numbers, yours and your children's too!

15. May you be blessed by Yahweh, who made heaven and earth.

16. Heaven belongs to Yahweh, but earth he has given to the children of Adam.

17. The dead cannot praise Yahweh, those who sink into silence,

18. but we, the living, shall bless Yahweh, henceforth and for ever.

“Subamos sem nos cansarmos, sob a celeste vista do Salvador. Distanciemo-nos das afeições terrenas. Despojemo-nos do homem velho e vistamo-nos do homem novo. Aspiremos à felicidade que nos está reservada.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina