1. All wisdom comes from the Lord, she is with him for ever.

2. The sands of the sea, the drops of rain, the days of eternity -- who can count them?

3. The height of the sky, the breadth of the earth, the depth of the abyss -- who can explore them?

4. Wisdom was created before everything, prudent understanding subsists from remotest ages.


6. For whom has the root of wisdom ever been uncovered? Her resourceful ways, who knows them?


8. One only is wise, terrible indeed,

9. seated on his throne, the Lord. It was he who created, inspected and weighed her up, and then poured her out on all his works-

10. as much to each living creature as he chose -- bestowing her on those who love him.

11. The fear of the Lord is glory and pride, happiness and a crown of joyfulness.

12. The fear of the Lord gladdens the heart, giving happiness, joy and long life.

13. For those who fear the Lord, all will end well: on their dying day they will be blessed.

14. The basis of wisdom is to fear the Lord; she was created with the faithful in their mothers' womb;

15. she has made a home in the human race, an age -- old foundation, and to their descendants will she faithfully cling.

16. The fullness of wisdom is to fear the Lord; she intoxicates them with her fruits;

17. she fills their entire house with treasures and their storerooms with her produce.

18. The crown of wisdom is to fear the Lord: she makes peace and health flourish.

19. The Lord has seen and assessed her, he has showered down knowledge and intelligence, he has exalted the renown of those who possess her.

20. The root of wisdom is to fear the Lord, and her branches are long life.


22. The rage of the wicked cannot put him in the right, for the weight of his rage is his downfall.

23. A patient person puts up with things until the right time comes: but his joy will break out in the end.

24. Till the time comes he keeps his thoughts to himself, and many a lip will affirm how wise he is.

25. Wisdom's treasuries contain the maxims of knowledge, the sinner, however, holds piety in abhorrence.

26. If you desire wisdom, keep the commandments, and the Lord will bestow it on you.

27. For the fear of the Lord is wisdom and instruction, and what pleases him is faithfulness and gentleness.

28. Do not stand out against fear of the Lord, do not practise it with a double heart.

29. Do not act a part in public, keep watch over your lips.

30. Do not grow too high and mighty, for fear you fall and cover yourself in disgrace; for the Lord would then reveal your secrets and overthrow you before the whole community for not having practised fear of the Lord and for having a heart full of deceit.

“Nossa Senhora recebeu pela inefável bondade de Jesus a força de suportar até o fim as provações do seu amor. Que você também possa encontrar a força de perseverar com o Senhor até o Calvário!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina