1. Yahweh answered me, "Even if Moses and Samuel came in person to plead for this people, my heart would have no pity. Send them away from my presence! Let them go!

2. And if they say: "Where shall we go?" tell them: Yahweh says this: Those destined for the plague, to the plague; for the sword, to the sword; for starvation, to starvation; those for captivity, to captivity.

3. For I shall send them four kinds of destroyers: the sword to slay, dogs to ravage, birds of the sky and beasts of the earth to devour and destroy.

4. I shall make them an object of horror for all the kingdoms of the world because of what Manasseh, son of Hezekiah, king of Judah, did in Jerusalem.

5. Who will take pity on you, Jerusalem? Who will feel sorry for you? Who will turn to ask how you are?

6. It was you who rejected me - word of Yahweh - you turned your back on me, and because of that I have stretched out my hand to destroy you. I was weary of showing mercy!

7. I winnowed them with a fork in the cities of the land, I left my people without children; I brought them to ruin, but they did not change their ways.

8. Their widows are more numerous than the sand of the seas. On the mothers of young men I have brought a destroyer who ravages in broad daylight. Suddenly terror and fear grips them.

9. The mother who had seven sons is confused and discouraged as if breathing her last. Although it is still day her sun has set. As for those who remain, I shall let them be slain by the sword in sight of their enemies - it is Yahweh who speaks.

10. Woe is me, Mother, why did you bring me to the light? A man of dissension throughout the land! I owe them nothing, neither do they owe me, yet they all curse me!

11. Tell me Yahweh, if I have not served you well! Did I not plead with you for my enemies in the time of their shame and disgrace?

12. Can you break iron that comes from the north, or bronze?

13. I will let your wealth and your treasures be handed over to plunderers, not for a price but because of all your sins within your frontiers.

14. You shall be slaves of your enemies among a people you do not know, for the fury of my anger is on fire and will burn you up."

15. You know I have, Yahweh! Take care of me, defend me; take vengeance on my persecutors. Remember! For you I have suffered great humiliations.

16. I devoured your words when they came. They were my happiness and I felt full of joy when you made your Name rest on me. Never did I associate with worldly people,

17. amusing myself with scoffers! When your hand was upon me I stood apart and you filled me with your anger.

18. Why is there no end to my sorrow or healing for my wound? Why do you deceive me, and why does my spring suddenly dry up?

19. Then Yahweh spoke to me, "If you return I will take you back and you will serve me again. Draw the gold from the dross and you will be as my own mouth. You must draw them to you and not go over to them.

20. I will make you a fortress and a wall of bronze facing them; if they fight against you they will not overcome you;

21. I am with you to free you and save you. I will redeem you from the wicked and free you from the hands of tyrants."

“Mesmo quando perdemos a consciência deste mundo, quando parecemos já mortos, Deus nos dá ainda uma chance de entender o que é realmente o pecado, antes de nos julgar. E se entendemos corretamente, como podemos não nos arrepender?” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina