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  • Balaam said to them, "Stay here tonight and I will give you whatever answer Yahweh will have given me." So the Moabite elders stayed in Balaam's house. (Numbers 22, 8)

  • So the Moabite elders returned to Balak and said, "Balaam refused to come with us." (Numbers 22, 14)

  • Balaam got up next morning, saddled his donkey and went with the Moabite leaders. (Numbers 22, 21)

  • Israel settled at Shittim and the men began to enjoy themselves with the Moabite women and to have sex with them. (Numbers 25, 1)

  • They left Oboth and camped in Moabite territory at Iye-abarim. (Numbers 33, 44)

  • The Ammonite or Moabite shall never be admitted into the assembly of Yahweh even after the tenth generation, (Deuteronomy 23, 4)

  • who married Moabite women, one named Orpah and the other Ruth. After living in Moab for about ten years, (Ruth 1, 4)

  • Thus it was that Naomi returned from Moab with her Moabite daughter-in-law and arrived in Bethlehem as the barley harvest began. (Ruth 1, 22)

  • And Ruth the Moabite said to Naomi, "Let me go to pick up the left-over grain in the field whose owner will allow me that favor." Naomi said, "Go ahead, my daughter." (Ruth 2, 2)

  • The foreman replied, "She is the Moabite who came back with Naomi from the country of Moab. (Ruth 2, 6)

  • Boaz continued, "If you buy the land from Naomi, you will also have to take the Moabite Ruth, widow of the late heir, and her sons will inherit the name and the land of the dead." (Ruth 4, 5)

  • I also take Mahlon's widow, Ruth the Moabite, as my wife to raise up a family for her late husband, so that the name of the dead will be restored to his inheritance and be present among his brothers when they gather at the gate of his town. Do you witness this today?" (Ruth 4, 10)

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