1. On that day a spring will well up for the family of David and for the inhabitants of Jerusalem to cleanse themselves of sin and defilement. Yahweh, God of hosts says:

2. On that day I will wipe out the names of idols from the land and never again will they be mentioned.

3. I will also remove the prophets and their unclean spirits and expel them from the land. If a prophet does prophesy, his parents: father and mother, will say to him: "You shall live no longer for you uttered lies in the name of Yahweh." His own father and mother will stab him when he prophesies.

4. On that day the prophets will be ashamed of their prophetical visions and no longer wear a prophet's garment of hair in order to deceive.

5. Instead, each of them will say: "I am not a prophet, I am a farmer, the land has owned me since my youth."

6. And if anyone says to him: "What are these wounds on your hands?" He will answer: "With these I was wounded in my friend's house."

7. "Sword, awake and strike my shepherd, the man who is near to me!" says Yahweh, God of hosts. "Strike the shepherd and let the flock be scattered!" Yahweh threatens, "I will turn against the little ones,

8. and in all the land, two thirds shall be destroyed and one third left.

9. This third shall be cleansed by fire; I shall refine them as silver is refined; I shall test them as gold is tested. They shall call upon my Name and I will hear them. I will say, "They are my peo-ple," and they shall say, "Yahweh is my God."

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