1. The land given by lot to the descendants of Joseph stretched from the Jordan opposite Jericho eastward. From Jericho onward the southern border climbed the highlands into the hill country as far as Bethel;

2. it left Bethel and Luz and went on toward the border of the Archites of Ataroth;

3. then it went westward to the area of the Japhletites as far as the area of Lower Beth-horon. From there it went to Gezer, and reached the Mediterranean Sea.

4. The tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim, descendants of Joseph, divided this inheritance among themselves.

5. The border of the tribe of Ephraim ran from Ataroth-addar as far as Upper Beth-horon,

6. and it ended at the Mediterranan Sea. Michmethath was to the north. From there the border turned east towards Tanaath-shiloh and ran beyond it on the east to Janoah.

7. Then it went down from Janaoah to Ataroth and Naarah, touched Jericho and ended at the Jordan.

8. From Tappuah the border went westward to the stream Kanah and ended at the Mediterranean Sea. This was the land given to the tribe of Ephraim according to their clans,

9. as well as the towns set apart for the Ephraimites inside the territory of the descendants of Manasseh, all those towns and their villages.

10. The Canaanites living in Gezer were not driven out; they have lived among the Ephraimites to the present day, but are submitted to obligatory works.

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