1. Joshua sent two spies secretly from Shittim with the following order "Go and look over the land well, especially the city of Jericho." The spies went and as soon as they came to Jericho, they went to the house of the prostitute named Rahab.

2. But someone told the king of Jericho: "Some Israelites have entered here tonight to spy on us."

3. So the king of Jericho sent word to Rahab: "Send those men out of your house because they came to spy on the land."

4. But the woman had hidden them, so she said: "It is true; they came to my house but I did not know where they came from.

5. And at nightfall, shortly before the city gates were to be closed, they went out. I do not know where they went, but hurry and you will surely overtake them."

6. The woman had hidden them on the roof of the house, under the stalks of flax which she kept there.

7. The pursuers went to search for them by the road leading to the valley of the Jordan, and as they went out, the city gates were closed.

8. Then the woman went up to where she had hidden the spies of Joshua,

9. and she said to them: "I know that Yahweh, your God, has given this land to you; we are frightened and the inhabitants of the land tremble before you.

10. We know how Yahweh dried up the waters of the Red Sea to let you cross when you came out of Egypt. We know what you did to the two kings of the Amorites who lived at the other side of the Jordan, to Sihon and Og, whom you destroyed by anathema.

11. The news has frightened us, and everyone has lost courage because of you, for Yahweh, your God, is God in heaven above as he is on earth below.

12. Now then, swear to me by Yahweh that just as I have been faithful to you, so shall you be towards my family,

13. and respect the life of my father, mother, brothers and sisters, and all that belong to them."

14. The men answered: "Provided that you do not reveal our talk, then we will pay back life for life when Yahweh hands over to us this land, and we will deal generously and faithfully with you."

15. Then she let them down by a rope through the window, since her house was built into the city wall.

16. But she said to them: "Go through the mountains so that you do not meet those who pursue you. Remain in hiding for three days, until they return, and then you may go your way."

17. They answered: "See how we shall fulfill our oath.

18. When we enter this land, tie this scarlet cord as a sign on the window through which we have escaped. Bring into your house your father, mother, brothers and sisters, and all your relatives.

19. If any of them leaves the house, he shall be the one responsible for his death, and the guilt will not be ours. But if anyone who is with you is killed, then may the punishment for his death come upon us.

20. However, be careful not to reveal our plan. If you do, then we are freed from the oath we have sworn."

21. Rahab said to them: "So be it." And after she had sent them off, she tied the scarlet cord to the window.

22. The men went into the mountains and hid there for three days, until their pursuers had returned. These men had searched in vain for them everywhere.

23. Then the two spies came down again from the mountains and, crossing the Jordan River, came to Joshua, son of Nun, and gave him an account of their mission and everything that had happened.

24. They said to Joshua: "Yahweh has given all this land into our hands; their inhabitants already tremble before us."

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