1. The text of the letter read as follows: "The great King Ahasuerus to the satraps, governors and all our loyal subjects in the one hundred twenty-seven provinces stretching from India to Ethiopia: Greetings!

2. The more some men are honored through the generosity of their patrons, the prouder they become.

3. Gloating in their power and incapable of responsibility, they seek to injure our subjects and even plot against their own benefactors.

4. They drive out gratitude from the human heart. Carried away by the arrogant boasts of men who know nothing of goodness, they think they will escape the justice of the all-seeing God.

5. It often happens also that those in authority, through the influence of friends entrusted with the administration of public affairs, become partly responsible for the shedding of innocent blood and are involved in causing irremediable misfortune.

6. Even well-intentioned rulers are led astray by the trickery of the corrupt.

7. These evil practices of past times, as attested by the records, have been carried over to the present in the crimes perpetrated by unworthy officials.

8. For the future, however, we will strive to make our kingdom a realm of peace for all

9. by starting now to adopt new policies and by treating with the utmost justice all matters that come to our attention.

10. To give an example, Haman, son of Hammedatha, a Macedonian who is alien to Persian blood and devoid of our kindness, was treated hospitably by us.

11. Enjoying the goodwill that we have towards every nation, he was even proclaimed our "father," before whom, as second in rank to the king, everyone bowed down.

12. But his arrogance turned his head, and he schemed to deprive us of our kingdom and our life.

13. He plotted for the destruction of Mordecai, our savior and constant benefactor, of Esther, our blameless royal partner, and of their entire race.

14. In that way he hoped to make us defenseless and facilitate the transfer of rule by the Persians to the Macedonians.

15. 'We find, however, that the Jews consigned to extinction by this accursed man are not evildoers but are governed by the most just of laws.

16. They are, in fact, children of the Most High, the great living God, who has made our kingdom prosperous for us and for our ancestors.

17. You will, therefore, do well to ignore the letter sent by Haman, son of Hammedatha,

18. for the man himself, together with his entire family, has been hanged at the gate of Susa. Thus speedily has God, who rules over all, given him the punishment he deserved.

19. Post a copy of this letter in every public place, give the Jews freedom to live by their own laws,

20. and come to their aid in time of trial against those who plan to attack them on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, Adar.

21. For God, who rules over all, has turned this day from one of destruction into one of joy for his chosen people.

22. You should, therefore, celebrate this memorable day among your designated feasts with all rejoicing,

23. so that both now and hereafter it may be for us and the loyal Persians a celebration of salvation, and for those who plot against us a reminder of destruction.

24. Every city and country, without exception, that fails to observe this decree shall be ruthlessly destroyed with sword and fire. It will then be ever left untrodden not only by men but by the beasts and birds as well.

“Mesmo a menor transgressão às leis de Deus será levada em conta.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina