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  • Achior was brought from the house of Uzziah. As soon as he arrived and saw the head of Holofernes in the hand of one of the people, he fainted and fell face down on the ground. (Judith 14, 6)

  • When the sun had risen and they had hung Holofernes' head on the rampart, all the men took their arms and went out in groups to the mountain slopes. (Judith 14, 11)

  • Then they all went to the tent of Holofernes and said to the steward in charge of his affairs, "Waken our Lord, for the slaves plan to come down and fight against us to their utter destruction. (Judith 14, 13)

  • So Bagoas drew back the curtain and knocked, thinking that Holofernes was sleeping with Judith. (Judith 14, 14)

  • As no one answered, he entered the room, and found Holofernes lying across the wooden footstool dead with his head cut off. (Judith 14, 15)

  • "The slaves have deceived us! One Hebrew woman has put to shame the army of King Nebuchadnezzar, for Holofernes lies dead on the ground. (Judith 14, 18)

  • All the people pillaged the camp for thirty days. They gave Holofernes' tent to Judith, with all his silver, his beds, his drinking vessels and all his furniture. She took them, and after harnessing her mule, she prepared her chariots and piled up all these goods in them. (Judith 15, 11)

  • Then Judith offered all of Holofernes' belongings which the people had given her and she dedicated to the Lord the hangings from his room which she herself had taken. (Judith 16, 19)

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