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  • In the whole camp the news of her arrival spread from tent to tent, and throughout the whole camp men came running. They made a circle round her as she stood waiting outside Holofernes' tent while someone informed him of her arrival. (Judith 10, 18)

  • Those who were sleeping near Holofernes and all his officers came out and led her into the tent. (Judith 10, 20)

  • Holofernes was lying on his bed under hangings of purple and gold set with emerald and precious stones. (Judith 10, 21)

  • As Judith came before him and his officers, they all admired the beauty of her face. Throwing herself face downwards to the ground, she bowed before him; the servants of Holofernes raised her up. (Judith 10, 23)

  • Holofernes said to Judith, "Have confidence, woman, have no fear in your heart, I do not harm any person who has chosen to serve Nebuchadnezzar, king of all the earth. (Judith 11, 1)

  • Her words pleased Holofernes and all his officers. They admired her wisdom and said, (Judith 11, 20)

  • Holofernes said to her, "God has done well to send you ahead of this people to show them that the power is in my hands and that destruction is the fate of those who despised my lord. (Judith 11, 22)

  • Then Holofernes had her brought into the place where his silver dishes were laid out and commanded them to serve her from his food and to give her his wine to drink. (Judith 12, 1)

  • Holofernes said to her, "When you have finished the things that you have brought, where will we be able to get the same kind of food to give you, for there is no one of your race here?" (Judith 12, 3)

  • Then the officers of Holofernes led her to the tent and she slept until midnight. She arose at the morning watch (Judith 12, 5)

  • and sent a message to Holofernes, "Will my lord command that his servant be allowed to go out to pray." (Judith 12, 6)

  • Holofernes ordered his bodyguards not to prevent her from doing so. She remained in the camp three days. Each night she went to the ravine of Bethulia and bathed herself in the spring which was in the camp. (Judith 12, 7)

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