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  • Yahweh said, 'My spirit cannot be indefinitely responsible for human beings, who are only flesh; let the time allowed each be a hundred and twenty years.' (Genesis 6, 3)

  • In the second month, on the twenty-seventh day of the month, the earth was dry. (Genesis 8, 14)

  • When Nahor was twenty-nine years old he fathered Terah. (Genesis 11, 24)

  • He said, 'It is presumptuous of me to speak to the Lord: Suppose there are only twenty there?' 'I shall not destroy it,' he replied, 'for the sake of the twenty.' (Genesis 18, 31)

  • The length of Sarah's life was a hundred and twenty-seven years. (Genesis 23, 1)

  • In all the twenty years I was under you, your ewes and your she-goats never miscarried, and I never ate rams from your flock. (Genesis 31, 38)

  • It was like this for the twenty years I spent in your household. Fourteen years I slaved for you for your two daughters, and six years for your flock, since you changed my wages ten times over. (Genesis 31, 41)

  • two hundred she-goats and twenty he-goats, two hundred ewes and twenty rams, (Genesis 32, 15)

  • thirty camels in milk with their calves, forty cows and ten bulls, twenty female donkeys and ten male. (Genesis 32, 16)

  • Now some Midianite merchants were passing, and they pulled Joseph out of the well. They sold Joseph to the Ishmaelites for twenty shekels of silver, and these men took Joseph to Egypt. (Genesis 37, 28)

  • In the first month, from the evening of the fourteenth day until the evening of the twenty-first day, you must eat unleavened bread. (Exodus 12, 18)

  • The length of a single sheet is to be twenty-eight cubits, its width four cubits, all the sheets to be of the same size. (Exodus 26, 2)

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