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  • 'When I was on my way from Paddan, to my sorrow death took your mother Rachel from me in Canaan, on the journey while only a short distance from Ephrath. I buried her there on the road to Ephrath -- now Bethlehem.' (Genesis 48, 7)

  • uncontrolled as water: you will not be foremost, for you climbed into your father's bed, and so defiled my couch, to my sorrow. (Genesis 49, 4)

  • I came in again and washed myself and ate my bread in sorrow, (Tobit 2, 5)

  • So now, do with me as you will; be pleased to take my life from me; so that I may be delivered from earth and become earth again. Better death than life for me, for I have endured groundless insult and am in deepest sorrow. Lord, be pleased to deliver me from this affliction. Let me go away to my everlasting home; do not turn your face from me, O Lord. Better death for me than life prolonged in the face of unrelenting misery: I can no longer bear to listen to insults. (Tobit 3, 6)

  • That day, she grieved, she sobbed, and she went up to her father's room intending to hang herself. But then she thought, 'Suppose they were to blame my father! They would say, "You had an only daughter whom you loved, and now she has hanged herself for grief." I cannot cause my father a sorrow which would bring down his old age to the dwelling of the dead. I should do better not to hang myself, but to beg the Lord to let my die and not live to hear any more insults.' (Tobit 3, 10)

  • He summoned his son Tobias and told him, 'When I die, give me an honourable burial. Honour your mother, and never abandon her all the days of your life. Do all that she wants, and give her no reason for sorrow. (Tobit 4, 3)

  • as the days on which the Jews had rid themselves of their enemies, and the month in which their sorrow had been turned into gladness, and mourning into a holiday. He therefore told them to keep these as days of festivity and gladness when they were to exchange presents and make gifts to the poor. (Esther 9, 22)

  • 'That is how a fool of a woman talks,' Job replied. 'If we take happiness from God's hand, must we not take sorrow too?' And in all this misfortune Job uttered no sinful word. (Job 2, 10)

  • Since it would not shut the doors of the womb on me to hide sorrow from my eyes. (Job 3, 10)

  • No, misery does not grow out of the soil, nor sorrow spring from the ground. (Job 5, 6)

  • Six times he will deliver you from sorrow, and the seventh time, evil will not touch you. (Job 5, 19)

  • I hoped for happiness, but sorrow came; I looked for light, but there was darkness. (Job 30, 26)

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