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  • 'Join me up here and help me to conquer Gibeon, since it has made peace with Joshua and the Israelites.' (Joshua 10, 4)

  • The men of Gibeon sent word to Joshua in the camp at Gilgal, 'Do not desert your servants; come up here quickly to save us and help us, since all the Amorite kings living in the highlands have allied themselves against us.' (Joshua 10, 6)

  • Joshua came up from Gilgal, he, all the fighting men and all the bravest of his army. (Joshua 10, 7)

  • Yahweh said to Joshua, 'Do not be afraid of these people; I have put them at your mercy; not one of them will put up any resistance.' (Joshua 10, 8)

  • Having marched from Gilgal throughout the night, Joshua caught them unawares. (Joshua 10, 9)

  • Joshua then spoke to Yahweh, the day Yahweh delivered the Amorites to the Israelites. In the presence of Israel, Joshua said: Sun, stand still over Gibeon, and, moon, you too, over the Vale of Aijalon! (Joshua 10, 12)

  • Joshua, and all Israel with him, then went back to the camp at Gilgal. (Joshua 10, 15)

  • and news of this was brought to Joshua. 'The five kings have been found hiding in the cave at Makkedah.' (Joshua 10, 17)

  • Joshua said, 'Roll great stones over the mouth of the cave and post men there to keep guard. (Joshua 10, 18)

  • When Joshua and the Israelites had finished inflicting a very great defeat on them, to the point of destroying them, those who had escaped alive took refuge in their fortresses. (Joshua 10, 20)

  • The people came back to Joshua's camp at Makkedah; they were all safe and sound, and no one dared to attempt anything against the Israelites. (Joshua 10, 21)

  • Joshua then said, 'Clear the mouth of the cave and bring the five kings out to me.' (Joshua 10, 22)

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