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  • Adah gave birth to Jabal: he was the ancestor of tent-dwelling herdsmen. (Genesis 4, 20)

  • In your faithful love you led out the people you had redeemed, in your strength you have guided them to your holy dwelling. (Exodus 15, 13)

  • You will bring them in and plant them on the mountain which is your heritage, the place which you, Yahweh, have made your dwelling, the sanctuary, Yahweh, prepared by your own hands. (Exodus 15, 17)

  • You will make it all according to the design for the Dwelling and the design for its furnishings which I shall now show you. (Exodus 25, 9)

  • 'The Dwelling itself you will make with ten sheets of finely woven linen dyed violet-purple, red-purple and crimson. You will have them embroidered with great winged creatures. (Exodus 26, 1)

  • You will also make fifty gold clasps, and join the sheets together with the clasps. In this way the Dwelling will be a unified whole. (Exodus 26, 6)

  • 'You will make sheets of goats' hair to form a tent over the Dwelling; you will make eleven of these. (Exodus 26, 7)

  • 'Of the extra part of the sheets that overlap, half is to hang down the back of the Dwelling. (Exodus 26, 12)

  • The extra cubit on either side along the length of the tent sheets must hang down the sides of the Dwelling on either side to cover it. (Exodus 26, 13)

  • 'For the Dwelling you will make vertical frames of acacia wood. (Exodus 26, 15)

  • Each frame must have twin tenons; that is how all the frames for the Dwelling must be made. (Exodus 26, 17)

  • You will make frames for the Dwelling: twenty frames for the south side, to the south, (Exodus 26, 18)

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