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  • Should there be famine in the land or epidemic or the crops are destroyed by scorching winds or swarms of locusts, should this people's enemies lay siege to one of their cities, if there is any plague or sickness, (2 Chronicles 6, 28)

  • He took pride in serving Yahweh and destroyed all the High places and Asherah's trunks in Judah. (2 Chronicles 17, 6)

  • As they began to sing their joy and their praise, Yahweh threw the invading armies into a panic and completely destroyed them. The Moabites and the Ammonites struck the people of Seir and there was a disaster. (2 Chronicles 20, 22)

  • For the Ammonites and Moabites turned on the mountain folk of Seir in savage fighting and after they had destroyed them, they began to kill one another. (2 Chronicles 20, 23)

  • The High places however, were not destroyed; the people had still not turned their hearts to the God of their ancestors. (2 Chronicles 20, 33)

  • Eliezer, son of Dodavahu of Mareshah, then made a prophecy against Jehoshaphat, "Because you have allied yourself with Ahaziah, Yahweh has destroyed your plans." In fact the ships broke up and were never fit to sail to Tarshish. (2 Chronicles 20, 37)

  • Is not Hezekiah the very man who has destroyed the High places and the altars of Yahweh, and given the order to Judah and to Jerusalem: Before one altar only are you to worship, and on that alone offer incense? (2 Chronicles 32, 12)

  • Manasseh led Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem astray, so that they did more evil than those nations Yahweh had destroyed before the sons of Israel. (2 Chronicles 33, 9)

  • There too he destroyed the altars and symbols of the goddess, smashed the sacred trunks and the idols and ground them to powder, and tore down all the altars of incense throughout the land of Israel. Then he returned to Jerusalem. (2 Chronicles 34, 7)

  • They burned down the house of God, broke down the walls of Jerusalem, set fire to all its palaces, and destroyed everything of value in it. (2 Chronicles 36, 19)

  • If you look into the records of your fathers, you will find that this city is a rebellious city. It has disturbed the kings and the provinces, and has fostered sedition from of old. It is precisely because of this that it was destroyed. (Ezra 4, 15)

  • But then, our fathers angered the God of heaven, so he gave the children into the hands of the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, who destroyed this house and exiled them. (Ezra 5, 12)

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