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  • Go now. I will be on your lips and will inspire what you say." (Exodus 4, 12)

  • This ceremony will be for you as a sign on your hand and a reminder on your forehead, so that Yahweh's law may be ever on your lips, for it was with great power that Yahweh brought you out of Egypt. (Exodus 13, 9)

  • Pay attention to all that I tell you and do not call upon other gods; don't let their names be heard on your lips. (Exodus 23, 13)

  • Balaam then said to Balak, "Now I have come to you; but what can I say? Only what Yahweh puts on my lips." (Numbers 22, 38)

  • Yahweh then put a message on Balaam's lips and said, "Go back to Balak and give him this message." (Numbers 23, 5)

  • And Balaam answered, "Must I not take care to say what Yahweh puts on my lips?" (Numbers 23, 12)

  • Yahweh met Balaam and put words on his lips and said, "Go back to Balak and give him this message." (Numbers 23, 16)

  • As she prayed before Yahweh, Eli observed the movement of her lips. (1 Samuel 1, 12)

  • Hannah was praying silently; she moved her lips but uttered no sound and Eli thought Hannah was drunk. (1 Samuel 1, 13)

  • Speak proudly no more; no more arrogance on your lips, for Yahweh is an all-knowing God, he it is who weighs the deeds of all. (1 Samuel 2, 3)

  • But Jonathan, who had not heard of this oath, dipped the tip of the rod he was holding in the honeycomb and put it to his lips. And he felt fortified. (1 Samuel 14, 27)

  • Yet I will spare seven thousand in Israel who have not knelt before Baal and whose lips have not kissed him." (1 Kings 19, 18)

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