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  • tear down the wicked and shatter them. Bring down the haughty with a glance; (Job 40, 12)

  • Happy those who do not follow the counsel of the wicked, Nor go the way of sinners, nor sit in company with scoffers. (Psalms 1, 1)

  • But not the wicked! They are like chaff driven by the wind. (Psalms 1, 4)

  • Therefore the wicked will not survive judgment, nor will sinners in the assembly of the just. (Psalms 1, 5)

  • The LORD watches over the way of the just, but the way of the wicked leads to ruin. (Psalms 1, 6)

  • Arise, LORD! Save me, my God! You will shatter the jaws of all my foes; you will break the teeth of the wicked. (Psalms 3, 8)

  • You are not a god who delights in evil; no wicked person finds refuge with you; (Psalms 5, 5)

  • Bring the malice of the wicked to an end; uphold the innocent, O God of justice, who tries hearts and minds. (Psalms 7, 10)

  • You rebuked the nations, you destroyed the wicked; their name you blotted out for all time (Psalms 9, 6)

  • The LORD is revealed in this divine rule: by the deeds they do the wicked are trapped. Higgaion. Selah (Psalms 9, 17)

  • To Sheol the wicked will depart, all the nations that forget God. (Psalms 9, 18)

  • The wicked even boast of their greed; these robbers curse and scorn the LORD. (Psalms 10, 3)

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