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  • For you say, "Where is the house of the magnate, and where the dwelling place of the wicked?" (Job 21, 28)

  • The wicked remove landmarks; they steal away herds and pasture them. (Job 24, 2)

  • Between the rows they press out the oil; they glean in the the vineyard of the wicked. They tread the wine presses, yet suffer thirst, (Job 24, 11)

  • Let my enemy be as the wicked and my adversary as the unjust! (Job 27, 7)

  • This is the portion of a wicked man from God, the inheritance an oppressor receives from the Almighty: (Job 27, 13)

  • And I broke the jaws of the wicked man; from his teeth I forced the prey. (Job 29, 17)

  • Keeps company with evildoers and goes along with wicked men, (Job 34, 8)

  • Who says to a king, "You are worthless!" and to nobles, "You are wicked!" (Job 34, 18)

  • Though thus they cry out, he answers not against the pride of the wicked. (Job 35, 12)

  • Behold, God rejects the obstinate in heart; he preserves not the life of the wicked. (Job 36, 5)

  • For taking hold of the ends of the earth, till the wicked are shaken from its surface? (Job 38, 13)

  • But from the wicked the light is withheld, and the arm of pride is shattered. (Job 38, 15)

“Não se desencoraje, pois, se na alma existe o contínuo esforço de melhorar, no final o Senhor a premia fazendo nela florir, de repente, todas as virtudes como num jardim florido.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina