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  • Even though you know that I am not wicked, and that none can deliver me out of your hand? (Job 10, 7)

  • If I should be wicked, alas for me! if righteous, I dare not hold up my head, filled with ignominy and sodden with affliction! (Job 10, 15)

  • but the wicked, looking on, shall be consumed with envy. Escape shall be cut off from them, they shall wait to expire. (Job 11, 20)

  • The wicked man is in torment all his days, and limited years are in store for the tyrant; (Job 15, 20)

  • God has given me over to the impious; into the clutches of the wicked he has cast me. (Job 16, 11)

  • Upright men are astonished at this, and the innocent aroused against the wicked. (Job 17, 8)

  • Truly, the light of the wicked is extinguished; no flame brightens his hearth. (Job 18, 5)

  • That the triumph of the wicked is short and the joy of the impious but for a moment? (Job 20, 5)

  • This is the portion of a wicked man, and the heritage appointed him by God. (Job 20, 29)

  • Why do the wicked survive, grow old, become mighty in power? (Job 21, 7)

  • If their happiness is not in their own hands and if the counsel of the wicked is repulsive to God, (Job 21, 16)

  • How often is the lamp of the wicked put out? How often does destruction come upon them, the portion he allots in his anger? (Job 21, 17)

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