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  • Underneath the molding you shall put gold rings, two on one side and two on the opposite side, as holders for the poles used in carrying it. (Exodus 30, 4)

  • Make the poles, too, of acacia wood and plate them with gold. (Exodus 30, 5)

  • in the production of embroidery, in making things of gold, silver or bronze, (Exodus 31, 4)

  • the table with its appurtenances, the pure gold lampstand with all its appurtenances, the altar of incense, (Exodus 31, 8)

  • who accepted their offering, and fashioning this gold with a graving tool, made a molten calf. Then they cried out, "This is your God, O Israel, who brought you out of the land of Egypt." (Exodus 32, 4)

  • So I told them, 'Let anyone who has gold jewelry take it off.' They gave it to me, and I threw it into the fire, and this calf came out." (Exodus 32, 24)

  • So Moses went back to the LORD and said, "Ah, this people has indeed committed a grave sin in making a god of gold for themselves! (Exodus 32, 31)

  • Take up among you a collection for the LORD. Everyone, as his heart prompts him, shall bring, as a contribution to the LORD, gold, silver and bronze; (Exodus 35, 5)

  • Both the men and the women, all as their heart prompted them, brought brooches, earrings, rings, necklaces and various other gold articles. Everyone who could presented an offering of gold to the LORD. (Exodus 35, 22)

  • in the production of embroidery, in making things of gold, silver or bronze, (Exodus 35, 32)

  • Then fifty clasps of gold were made, with which the sheets were joined so that the Dwelling formed one whole. (Exodus 36, 13)

  • The boards were plated with gold, and gold rings were made on them as holders for the bars, which were also plated with gold. (Exodus 36, 34)

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