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  • These are the contributions you shall accept from them: gold, silver and bronze; (Exodus 25, 3)

  • Plate it inside and outside with pure gold, and put a molding of gold around the top of it. (Exodus 25, 11)

  • Cast four gold rings and fasten them on the four supports of the ark, two rings on one side and two on the opposite side. (Exodus 25, 12)

  • Then make poles of acacia wood and plate them with gold. (Exodus 25, 13)

  • "You shall then make a propitiatory of pure gold, two cubits and a half long, and one and a half cubits wide. (Exodus 25, 17)

  • Make two cherubim of beaten gold for the two ends of the propitiatory, (Exodus 25, 18)

  • Plate it with pure gold and make a molding of gold around it. (Exodus 25, 24)

  • Surround it with a frame, a handbreadth high, with a molding of gold around the frame. (Exodus 25, 25)

  • You shall also make four rings of gold for it and fasten them at the four corners, one at each leg, (Exodus 25, 26)

  • These poles for carrying the table you shall make of acacia wood and plate with gold. (Exodus 25, 28)

  • Of pure gold you shall make its plates and cups, as well as its pitchers and bowls for pouring libations. (Exodus 25, 29)

  • "You shall make a lampstand of pure beaten gold-its shaft and branches-with its cups and knobs and petals springing directly from it. (Exodus 25, 31)

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