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  • Led them forth from darkness and gloom and broke their chains asunder. (Psalms 107, 14)

  • Perfume and incense gladden the heart, but by grief the soul is torn asunder. (Proverbs 27, 9)

  • "Let us go up and tear Judah asunder, make it our own by force, and appoint the son of Tabeel king there." (Isaiah 7, 6)

  • The earth will burst asunder, the earth will be shaken apart, the earth will be convulsed. (Isaiah 24, 19)

  • Then Daniel took some pitch, fat, and hair; these he boiled together and made into cakes. He put them into the mouth of the dragon, and when the dragon ate them, he burst asunder. "This," he said, "is what you worshiped." (Daniel 14, 27)

  • Before his wrath, who can stand firm, and who can face his blazing anger? His fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks are rent asunder before him. (Nahum 1, 6)

  • Now will I break his yoke from off you, and burst asunder your bonds. (Nahum 1, 13)

  • Then I took my staff "Favor" and snapped it asunder, breaking off the covenant which I had made with all peoples; (Zechariah 11, 10)

  • Then I snapped asunder my other staff, "Bonds," breaking off the brotherhood between Judah and Israel. (Zechariah 11, 14)

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