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  • Bring with you also your other kinsmen of the tribe of Levi, your ancestral tribe, as your associates and assistants, while you and your sons are in front of the tent of the commandments. (Numbers 18, 2)

  • As your associates they shall have charge of all the work connected with the meeting tent. But no layman shall come near you. (Numbers 18, 4)

  • He who touches pitch blackens his hand; he who associates with an impious man learns his ways. (Ecclesiasticus 13, 1)

  • Every being is drawn to its own kind; with his own kind every man associates. (Ecclesiasticus 13, 15)

  • Indeed, all the associates of anyone who forms a god, or casts an idol to no purpose, will be put to shame; (Isaiah 44, 10)

  • Listen, O Joshua, high priest! You and your associates who sit before you are men of good omen. Yes, I will bring my servant the Shoot. (Zechariah 3, 8)

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