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  • Yahweh God took Man and placed him in the garden of Eden to till it and take care of it. (Genesis 2, 15)

  • He put them in the care of his servants, each herd by itself, and said to his servants, "Go ahead of me and leave a space between each herd." (Genesis 32, 16)

  • The Egyptian left all he had to the care of Joseph and, with Joseph fully in charge, he concerned himself with nothing except the food that he ate. Now Joseph was a handsome man and well-built. (Genesis 39, 6)

  • The warden did not interfere with anything that was under Joseph's care, because Yahweh was with him and gave him success in everything he did. (Genesis 39, 23)

  • Pharaoh said to Moses, "Get out of my sight! Take care! Never come before me again, for the day you do, you will die!" (Exodus 10, 28)

  • You will fix a limit for the people round about, saying: 'Take care not to go up to the mountain or touch its base. Whoever touches the mountain will die. (Exodus 19, 12)

  • Take care to make no treaty with the inhabitants of the country you enter, lest it be a snare for you. (Exodus 34, 12)

  • You yourself must enlist the Levites to serve the Holy Tent of the Testimony and to look after its furnishings and its belongings. They are to carry the Holy Tent, and all its furnishings; they are to take care of it and set up their camp around it. (Numbers 1, 50)

  • But the Levites are to set up their tents around the Holy Tent of the Testimony, lest God's anger fall on the whole community of Israel. The Levites will take care of the Holy Tent of the Testimony." (Numbers 1, 53)

  • They shall take care of the furnishings for the Tent of Meeting, and serve me in the Holy Tent as representatives of the sons of Israel. (Numbers 3, 8)

  • The Levites will take care of the Tent of Meeting, and have the full responsibility for it. This is a law forever for all your descendants: because of this the Levites are to have no inheritance among the Israelites. (Numbers 18, 23)

  • And Balaam answered, "Must I not take care to say what Yahweh puts on my lips?" (Numbers 23, 12)

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