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  • Nebo, Baal-meon (their names were changed), and Sibmah. They gave names to the towns they had built. (Numbers 32, 38)

  • Kiriathaim, Sibmah and Zereth-shahar in the highlands of Gor; (Joshua 13, 19)

  • The fields of Heshbon languish, the vines of Sibmah wither. The tyrants of the nations have trampled down the choicest vines, those that once reached Jazer, spreading towards the desert, stretching out as far as the sea. (Isaiah 16, 8)

  • Therefore I weep as Jazer weeps for the vines of Sibmah. I drench you, O Heshbon, O Elealeh, with my tears! For over your fruit and your vintage have been heard loud battle cheers. (Isaiah 16, 9)

  • O vineyard of Sibmah, I weep for you more than for Jazer. Your branches spread as far as the sea, all the way to the sea of Jazer. The destroyer has fallen on your harvest and your vintage. (Jeremiah 48, 32)

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