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  • But King David said to Ornan, "No, I must buy it from you at the full price; I will not take for Yahweh what is yours, or offer burnt offerings that cost me nothing." (1 Chronicles 21, 24)

  • It cannot be purchased with the finest gold, nor can its price be weighed in silver. (Job 28, 15)

  • Not worth mentioning are coral and jasper; the price of wisdom is above the biggest pearl. (Job 28, 18)

  • For no ransom avails for one's life, there is no price one can give to God for it. (Psalms 49, 8)

  • For redeeming one's life demands too high a price, and all is lost forever. (Psalms 49, 9)

  • Then, as they celebrated their victory in Jerusalem, they burned alive those who had burned the temple gates, including Callisthenes who had taken refuge in one small house. So these men paid the price deserved for their impiety. (2 Maccabees 8, 33)

  • A faithful friend is beyond all price; hold him as priceless. (Ecclesiasticus 6, 15)

  • I will let your wealth and your treasures be handed over to plunderers, not for a price but because of all your sins within your frontiers. (Jeremiah 15, 13)

  • They may be bought at a high price but there is not a breath of life in them. (Baruch 6, 24)

  • You who say, "When will the new moon or the sabbath feast be over that we may open the store and sell our grain? Let us lower the measure and raise the price; let us cheat and tamper with the scales, (Amos 8, 5)

  • Their hands are skilled at doing evil. The official demands a bribe, the judge judges for a price and the mighty decides as he pleases. (Micah 7, 3)

  • The priests picked up the money, and said, "This money cannot be put into the Temple treasury, for this is the price of blood." (Matthew 27, 6)

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