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  • He may even pass from prison to the throne, though born poor in his kingdom. (Ecclesiastes 4, 14)

  • Who knows what is the good way of life for man, during the days of his meaningless life which pass like a shadow? Who will let him know what will happen after he has gone? (Ecclesiastes 6, 12)

  • but there will be no happiness for the wicked; and because he doesn't fear God, he will pass like a shadow and his days will not last.) (Ecclesiastes 8, 13)

  • Come, my love, let us go to the countryside, and pass the night in the villages. (Song of Solomon 7, 12)

  • All finite things pass away and their maker with them. (Ecclesiasticus 14, 19)

  • Time slips by between morning and evening, all things pass quickly before the Lord. (Ecclesiasticus 18, 26)

  • He attacked the enemy nation and destroyed the assailants at the pass of Beth-horan, so that the nations might know the strength of Joshua and that they were fighting against the Lord. (Ecclesiasticus 46, 6)

  • and all the idols will pass away. (Isaiah 2, 18)

  • But the Lord Yahweh says: It shall not be so, it shall not come to pass. (Isaiah 7, 7)

  • it will sweep on to Judah, it will overflow and pass on, reaching up to the neck. It will spread its wings over the whole breadth of your land, O Immanuel! (Isaiah 8, 8)

  • They have crossed over the pass and now camp at Geba for the night. Ramah is in terror; Gibeah of Saul has fled. (Isaiah 10, 29)

  • You who dwell on the coastlands, wail as you pass over to Tarshish. (Isaiah 23, 6)

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