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  • Aaron and his sons are to set this flame in the Tent of Meeting, outside the veil that is before the Statement. It must burn there before Yahweh from evening to morning perpetually. This command is to be kept forever by the people of Israel. (Exodus 27, 21)

  • Aaron and his sons must wear these when they go into the Tent of Meeting and when they approach the altar to serve the sanctuary. If they do not, they will be guilty and die. This is a permanent rule for Aaron and for his descendants after him. (Exodus 28, 43)

  • Then you shall bring Aaron and his sons to the entrance of the Tent of Meeting after they have been bathed. (Exodus 29, 4)

  • You are to bring the bull in front of the Tent of Meeting. Aaron and his sons are to lay their hands on its head. (Exodus 29, 10)

  • Kill the bull there before Yahweh at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. (Exodus 29, 11)

  • The son of Aaron who comes after him in the priesthood and enters the Tent of Meeting to serve in the sanctuary must wear them for seven days. (Exodus 29, 30)

  • Aaron and his sons will eat the meat of the ram, and also the bread that is in the basket, at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. (Exodus 29, 32)

  • This is the perpetual offering which is to be offered from generation to generation, at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting in the presence of Yahweh. That is where I shall meet you and speak to you. (Exodus 29, 42)

  • In this way I will consecrate the Tent of Meeting and the altar, and Aaron too, and his sons, to be priests in my service. (Exodus 29, 44)

  • You will use this ransom money given to you by the people of Israel for the upkeep of the Tent of Meeting. It will remind Yahweh of the people of Israel and will be the ransom for your lives." (Exodus 30, 16)

  • "You must also make a bronze basin on a stand, for washing. You must place it between the Tent of Meeting and the altar and put water in it. (Exodus 30, 18)

  • When they are about to enter the Tent of Meeting they must wash in water lest they die, and when they have to approach the altar for their service, to burn the offering burned in honor of Yahweh, (Exodus 30, 20)

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