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  • Then she said, "God has offered me a beautiful gift; this time my husband will honor me for I have given him six children." She named the child Zebulun. (Genesis 30, 20)

  • Reuben, you are my firstborn, my strength and the firstfruits of my manhood! excelling in honor and excelling in power. (Genesis 49, 3)

  • And this is how you will eat: with a belt round your waist, sandals on your feet and a staff in your hand. You shall eat hastily for it is a passover in honor of Yahweh. (Exodus 12, 11)

  • This is a day you are to remember and celebrate in honor of Yahweh. It is to be kept as a festival day for all generations forever. (Exodus 12, 14)

  • For seven days you will eat unleavened bread and on the seventh day you will hold a feast in honor of Yahweh. (Exodus 13, 6)

  • And Moses said, "Eat it today, for this is a day of Rest - or sabbath - in honor of Yahweh. Today you will not find it in the fields. (Exodus 16, 25)

  • Honor your father and your mother that you may have a long life in the land that Yahweh has given you. (Exodus 20, 12)

  • Three times each year you shall celebrate a feast in my honor. (Exodus 23, 14)

  • When they are about to enter the Tent of Meeting they must wash in water lest they die, and when they have to approach the altar for their service, to burn the offering burned in honor of Yahweh, (Exodus 30, 20)

  • Rise in the presence of the aged and honor the elderly; in doing this you honor your God. I am Yahweh. (Leviticus 19, 32)

  • For all the time of his separation in honor of Yahweh he shall not go near a dead person, (Numbers 6, 6)

  • I will greatly honor you; whatever you ask of me I will do for you. Please come and lay a curse on this people for me." (Numbers 22, 17)

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