1. Judith said to them, "Listen, my brothers, take this head and hang it from the battlements of our rampart,

2. then when dawn breaks and the sun rises over the earth, let each of you take his weapons and let all those able to fight go outside the town. And under the command of a captain, proceed as if you were about to go down into the plain in the direction of the Assyrian outposts, but you will not descend.

3. The Assyrian guards will seize their arms, and go towards their camp to awaken the generals of the Assyrian army. These officers will run to the tent of Holofernes but will not find him; fear will then come upon them and they will flee from you.

4. Then you and all those who dwell in the land of Israel will follow them and strike them down as they go.

5. But, before you do this, call Achior the Ammonite so that he may see and recognize the one who despised the people of Israel, the man who sent him to you as to his death."

6. Achior was brought from the house of Uzziah. As soon as he arrived and saw the head of Holofernes in the hand of one of the people, he fainted and fell face down on the ground.

7. When they had lifted him up, he threw himself at the feet of Judith, bowed before her and said, "May you be blessed throughout Judea and among all the nations, who on hearing your name will be amazed.

8. But now, tell me all that you did during these days." Standing in the midst of the people, Judith told him all that she had done from the day she set out until the moment in which she was now speaking to them.

9. When she had finished talking, the people cried out with great joy, and this was heard throughout the town.

10. When Achior saw all that the God of Israel had done, he immediately believed in him. He was circumcised and became a member of the community of Israel down to this day.

11. When the sun had risen and they had hung Holofernes' head on the rampart, all the men took their arms and went out in groups to the mountain slopes.

12. As soon as the Assyrians saw them, they warned their commanders. These men, in turn, went to inform the generals, the captains and all their officers.

13. Then they all went to the tent of Holofernes and said to the steward in charge of his affairs, "Waken our Lord, for the slaves plan to come down and fight against us to their utter destruction.

14. So Bagoas drew back the curtain and knocked, thinking that Holofernes was sleeping with Judith.

15. As no one answered, he entered the room, and found Holofernes lying across the wooden footstool dead with his head cut off.

16. He cried out with a loud voice and tore his clothes.

17. He entered the tent where Judith had stayed but did not find her. Then he rushed out to the troops, shouting,

18. "The slaves have deceived us! One Hebrew woman has put to shame the army of King Nebuchadnezzar, for Holofernes lies dead on the ground.

19. When the officers of the Assyrian army heard these words, they were greatly distressed. They tore their garments and cried out with a loud voice in their camp.

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